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Officially Certified.

Industrial Automation

Fast ring failover protection of <20 milliseconds for critical operations. 

Smart city surveillance

Endurance certifications for vibration, shock, and free-fall to keep your network resilient and running smoothly.

Intelligent transportation systems

Certified for traffic control and wayside control standards.

Created to withstand extreme heat and below-freezing temperatures

The DIS switches are designed to easily handle hot and cold temperature variances*, and can cold start at their coldest temperatures.

With superior environmental protections to commercial switches, these switches are reliable in a huge variety of field applications.

*DIS-100G series and DIS-200G series operating temperatures are between -40°C and + 75°C.  

Built tough, built to last

With their strong build, the whole family of DIS industrial switches are certified against vibration, shock and free-fall.

We’re so confident in the quality of their hardened build that they come with our D-Link Limited Lifetime Warranty as standard.

Officially Certified.

Over 30 years in the industry

With experience that spans over three decades, D-Link’s research and development continues to lead in the networking industry.

780 million ports shipped*

Businesses, governments and organisations all over the world rely on D-Link technology.

*Based on internal D-Link shipping reports

#3 in Enterprise Switch Ports**

D-Link are go-to experts for end-to-end networking solutions worldwide.

**Source: Gartner, "Enterprise Ethernet Switches: Market Size, Port Shipments, Worldwide, 4Q16," March 2017.

Easy to Deploy

Suited to outdoor cabinet environments, the DIS-100G and DIS-200G have multiple mounting options.

Their compact sizes make efficient use of curbside cabinet space, and they feature snap-to-rail clips for instant deployment.

High Availability

The DIS-200G series have high availability network features to maximise uptime and ensure automation networks are always working.

Rapid failover for stable connectivity.

Almost instantaneous recovery time of < 20ms.

Fanless Design

Heat is steadily dissipated through the rugged build which has been optimised for the transfer of heat.

With no moving parts inside, the DIS family prioritises network uptime reducing the need for maintenance call outs.


D-Link offers a range of robust Industrial Switches with high EMC endurance, fanless design, and wide operating temperature range engineered to withstand harsh operating environments.

Small form factor design that supports multiple mounting types including DIN Rail, PoE support and surge protection allows the D-Link Industrial switches to be deployed in a variety of applications.

PoE = Cost Savings

Power over Ethernet makes network device installation simpler, safer, and less expensive. Whether you're deploying a network of IP Cameras, Wireless APs, IP phones, or any other PoE device, D-Link PoE switches will provide the flexibility, simplicity, safety and cost savings you need for a successful installation.

Find out more by downloading our white paper.

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