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Security Master Licence 000103510.

Why You Want It

High-Resolution Video

Exceptional footage quality,
with no detail left hidden.

Day & Night Surveillance

Capture high-quality footage,
even in the dark of night.

H.265 Compression

More efficient compression
saves storage space.

Wide Dynamic Range

Crystal clear footage,
even in high-contrast light.

PoE Capable

Easily power via Ethernet cable,
with no power socket required.

Outdoor Ready

Dust-tight and water-resistant

Free Surveillance Management Software

Includes DCMS+ Management
Software to view and manage multiple Cameras and NVRs.






Crystal-Clear Footage

The Vigilance Series champions high-sensitivity 2, 4, or 8-megapixel*, 1/2.5-Inch CMOS Image Sensors and a host of image enhancing features that deliver truly super quality video footage, no matter the conditions.

2M = 1920 x 1080
5M = 2592 × 1944
8M = 3840 x 2160

  • 3D Noise Filtering
  • Infrared LEDs
  • Wide Dynamic Range

Quality Footage, Whatever the Conditions on the Ground

No matter the time of day, the Vigilance Series of Cameras are ready to be on the lookout and keep you informed thanks to these essential features.

  • 3D Noise Filtering
    3D Filtering reduces image noise, improving image quality, especially in low-light environments.
  • Infrared LEDs
    Night can be a tricky time for surveillance. However, built-in IR LED illuminators make sure nothing stays hidden, even in complete darkness.
  • Wide Dynamic Range
    During periods of extreme contrast, such as under the midday sun, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) improves image quality. Areas which may previously have been bleached out by excessive light or shaded areas thrown into utter darkness are now once again visible.



Form Without Sacrificing Function

It can be hard to look good while still being functional. Yet the Vigilance Series strikes the balance just right. Compact form factors pack in a wealth of features, while still being small enough to not draw attention.
Being as functional as they are well-formed, they champion IP66 ratings, rendering them totally dust tight and resistant to water, all while maintaining their good looks.



Keeping a Watchful Eye

The Vigilance Series of Cameras come bundled with DCMS+ Management Software to view and manage multiple Cameras and NVRs. 
Be there as it happens with the live streaming, adjust Camera via PTZ, and review and playback stored footage.


PoE Brings More Deployment Options Into Focus

The Vigilance Series of Cameras support PoE, meaning a simpler installation. Power and connectivity can be provided over a single ethernet cable.
Places which may previously have been considered uncoverable due to lack of a power outlet are now accessible.


A Safer Office


Our Surveillance Solutions are built for business just like yours to keep an eye over what’s important.


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