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Get Wi-Fi in Hard-to-Reach Areas

There’s only a few things more annoying than having parts of your home where your Wi-Fi won’t reach. Well, those days are gone thanks to our choice of Wireless Range Extenders and PowerLine. These clever little devices have everything you need to quickly, easily and securely start enjoying the Internet in every room.

Expanding Your Wi‑Fi Network Is Easier Than Ever With A Range Extender

From single-storey apartments to multi-storey houses with garden decks — simply add Wi-Fi Extenders to your existing network and enjoy an extended network that eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones in those hard-to-reach areas.

Get Internet to Any Power Point In Your Home with PowerLine

Extend Wi-Fi Coverage to hard-to-reach areas of your home using your homes existing electrical wiring. It won't share the bandwidth with your Router so you'll get a stronger, reliable signal. Our PowerLine Adapters are versatile, affordable and easy to set up.

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