ADSL2+ Microfilter/Splitter


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The D-Link DSL-13MF-NZ is a Microfilter (or Splitter) and is used on a line or extension where both an ADSL modem as well as a PSTN device is desired. The unit splits the line, providing a pass-through connection with no filtering to the ADSL modem, while providing a filtered connection to the PSTN device. Note that all other extensions still need to have a filter of some kind placed on them.

  • A Filter is required for each phone device connected to your wall outlet (Phone, Fax, Analog Modem, Answering Machine, Alarm Dialer etc)
  • A maximum of 3 filters may be installed on any one phone line
  • Not to be used in conjunction with a "back to base" security alarm system

Hardware Type :ADSL Filter
Warranty :1-Year Limited Warranty

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