Nuclias Cloud-Managed Wireless AC1300 Wave 2 Dual Band PoE Access Point


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A budget friendly business-class Wi-Fi solution great for a small office or hotel room


Cloud Networking, Refreshed

This device is part of the Nuclias Cloud Solution. Businesses of any size and level of IT resources can reap all the benefits of Cloud Networking to boost productivity and enhance competitiveness.

  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • Hassle-Free Management
  • Unlimited Scalability


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Dual-Band Wi-Fi That Boosts Business Performance

Using the latest dual-band Wave 2 Wireless technology, the DBA-1210P delivers exceptional wireless performance — up to an impressive 1267 Mbps — over large areas.

Band Steering also automatically pushes capable devices onto the faster 5 GHz band, so you are always getting the best performance possible without lifting a finger.

2.4GHz Rate

400 Mbps

5GHz Rate

867 Mbps
  =  1267 Mbps



Beamforming Ensures Consistent Coverage, Even on The Move

Beamforming technology continuously optimizes the wireless signal, focusing it towards receiving devices and following them. This adaptive beamforming enhances spectral efficiency and link quality. Finally, with 2 x 2 MU-MIMO with two spatial streams, it slices through congestion offering all users a better Wi-Fi experience. Ideal for busy offices or places with users often on the move.


No-Wait Wi-Fi Even at Peak Time with MU-MIMO

Equipped with the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology and 1267 Mbps throughput, delivering exceptional connectivity to more users and devices just got a lot easier. Your network will not balk, even at the busiest of times.


Your Guests Online in No Time with a Captive Portal

Get your guests online as quick as possible. A captive portal can up the security of your network and keeps them better protected while they are browsing away. There is support for Facebook, Google, Line, Weibo, E-mail, all in all making your guests Wi-Fi experience a great one.

Zero-Touch Deployment for Simple Installation

The DBA-1210P Nuclias Cloud-Managed Wave 2 Access Point is deployed as a pre-managed, zero-configuration access point. No need to send out your most experienced engineer for every installation. With Nuclias' Zero-Touch Deployment, you can power-up the access points on site, plug them in, and remotely set up and manage them through Nuclias Cloud.




Complete Control over your Network’s Access

Complete control comes as standard with the DAP-3662. Combined with the Nuclias Cloud Managed Software, a variety of the latest in network security and management tools are at your fingerprint. You can rest assured that the best of the best are hard at work keeping your network protected and hitch free. 

Personal and Enterprise WPA/WPA2 Encryption
The industry standard in data security
Eliminate shared passwords with unique credentials for each employee
Customisable Captive Portal
Separate guest and employee access
  • MAC Filtering - Limit what devices can connect
  • Rogue AP Detection - Guard against unauthorised Access Point installation
  • Wireless LAN Segmentation - Better bandwidth utilisation
  • Wireless Isolation - Limit what users access on the local network
  • Wireless Broadcast Scheduling - Automate when your network is available
  • SSID Broadcast Disabling - Hide your wireless for an extra layer of security




Effortless Management, Anytime, Anywhere

You’re busy. Nuclias makes deployment, configuration, management and keeping up with your network status as simple and quick as it should be. All from the convenience of your tablet, wherever and whenever.



Advanced Management & Security

The Nuclias Cloud interface gives lets admins easily manage Layer-2 features, such as VLANs and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). With SSID isolation, MAC address filtering, and end-to-end encryption, this is a versatile solution for those seeking easy configuration, without added complexities.

Peak Performance and Discreet Deployment with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The DBA-1210P Access Point supports Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af standard) for its Gigabit LAN port. Power over Ethernet greatly simplifies the installation of compatible devices such as VoIP phones and IP cameras in remote locations that lack easy access to a power outlet.


Management Options :Cloud Managed
Wi-Fi Bands :Dual Band 2.4 and 5 GHz
Wi-Fi Type :Wireless AC1300
AP Design :Indoor|Built-in Antennas|PoE
Antenna Type :Built-in
Auto Channel Selection :Yes
Dimensions (Size) :170 x 170 x 28 mm
LAN Interface :1 x Gigabit
PoE Standard :PoE 802.3af
Security :802.1x|WPA/WPA2-EAP| WPA/WPA2-PSK|WEP|MAC filtering
Number of SSIDs :16
Nuclias Product :Yes
Warranty :Limited Lifetime
Indoor or Outdoor :Indoor Deployment
Wi-Fi Configuration :2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Dual Band|Wireless AC1300

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